01. I think it's [crazy] to go down the most difficult hill when you've only been snowboarding for a couple of days. You'll break your neck!
02. Sharon's dad went [crazy] when he found out she had tried marijuana.
03. My neighbor is [crazy]. She talks to herself all the time and screams at shadows.
04. Their daughter is [crazy] about Brad Pitt. She has posters of him all over her walls and has seen every movie he's made at least five times.
05. Things were really [crazy] at work today. It was so busy that I didn't even have time to stop for lunch.
06. You want to quit school to take a job at a fast-food restaurant? Are you [crazy]?
07. Skateboards were a [craze] when I was young, and then they disappeared, only to come back even more popular about twenty years later.
08. A [crazed] man attacked a couple of schoolchildren with a hammer, but luckily the kids were able to get away before he hurt anyone.
09. The puck bounced [crazily] over the goalie's outstretched glove.
10. The kitten was running [crazily] around the kitchen, trying to catch its own tail.
11. A couple of hundred years ago, people thought it was [crazy] to try to build flying machines.
12. The hospital is full of [crazies] wandering around mumbling to themselves.
13. Dave is [crazy] about tennis and plays at least four times a week.
14. Sharon is [crazy] about football, and is always cutting articles about her favorite players out of the newspaper.
15. Hockey goaltenders are a special kind of player. You have to be a little bit [crazy] to play that position.
16. Years of competitive swimming gave Bob the wide shoulders his girlfriend was [crazy] about.
17. Chicago hockey fans went [crazy] over their team's loss in the Stanley Cup final.
18. My neighbor Carey is [crazy]. Every time he sees me he starts to scream and swear at me for no reason.
19. In 1859, a workman apparently remarked, "Drill for oil? You mean drill into the ground to try to find oil? You're [crazy]."
20. My neighbor is this [crazy] old lady that screams at anyone who passes by her house.
21. A Picasso painting on loan to the museum has been damaged by a [crazed] spectator.
22. Everyone needs to relax once in a while; otherwise, we'd all go [crazy].
23. In May of 1972, the sculpture "La Pieta" by Michelangelo was attacked and seriously damaged by a [crazed] man.
24. Actors Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have been followed by a [crazy] fan for over a year.
25. You're [crazy] if you think you can pass the test without studying.
26. I'm glad the [craziness] of Christmas and New Years' is over. I need a break from all the partying.
27. An Arab proverb suggests that he who loves thinks that the others are blind, but the others think that he is [crazy].
28. A Chinese proverb notes that when a man is [crazy] about a woman, only she can cure him.
29. A Yiddish proverb notes that all of us are [crazy] in one way or another.
30. John Lennon once suggested that the reason why kids are [crazy] is because nobody can face the responsibility of bringing them up.
31. Janet Long once stated that part of being sane is being a little bit [crazy].

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